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You May Have Hidden Allergies

Symptoms Not Readily Observable

A second reason why allergies may be hidden is that the symptoms they produce are not directly observable. The symptoms may not be typical of those normally evident on allergy testing, or they may be going on in parts of the body which cannot be observed directly. For example, the synovial membrane in an arthritic joint may be undergoing changes, due to allergy, without any reaction being felt. The arthritis may progress to crippling severity withoutYou May Have Hidden Allergies the individual suspecting that it is due to allergy. I have seen clients transformed from prematurely aged, stooped, arthritis victims to healthy, active, happy humans through the elimination of underlying allergies and the proper nutritional program.
Uterine fibroids and fibrocystic breast disease are other worrisome problems which may be produced by allergy. Again, early fibroids or fibrocystic disease are symptoms which may not be readily observable and would not be recognized as a response to an allergic substance on conventional allergy testing. In my practice, I have found that a very large part of the basis for these problems and many others is allergic in nature. This means that a key element in overcoming them is to determine and eliminate the allergic reactions.
Of course, not every case of arthritis or fibrocystic disease may be allergic in nature. It is always important to identify allergy positively, rather than run the risk of missing the real source of the problems and the proper treatment.
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Symptoms Not Recognized as Allergy

Other symptoms are more noticeable but may not be recognized as having been produced by allergy. For example, it may surprise you that high blood pressure frequently has an allergic basis. Blood pressure often drops dramatically immediately after eliminating certain foodsYou May have Hidden Allergies - beauty products from the diet. Other things besides food — such as inhaling pollens or chemicals — may also produce allergic high blood pressure reactions.
Muscle tension can also be an allergic problem. One of my clients had had muscle tension in her shoulders for years, so that she carried her shoulders unnaturally high, attributing the problem to “stress.” I ascertained that the tension in one shoulder was due to a legume allergy, when the allergy was eliminated, the shoulder on that side dropped an inch-and-a-half. The other shoulder turned out to be related to a chemical sensitivity, and when that was corrected, that shoulder, too, dropped!
Today, many physicians and alternative practitioners recognize that a much wider Digestive Difficultiesrange of problems may sometimes be due to allergy. These include digestive difficulties, headaches, muscular aches and pains, arthritis, inadequate blood sugar control, addictions, and psychological problems, among many others.
One of the most important discoveries in the field of allergy has been the connection between food allergies and a wide range of mental and behavioral problems. It is quite common, for example, that when people go on a fast, their psychological symptoms clear up, along with other allergic symptoms. Over the past 25 years, the Russians have been doing very successful research with therapeutic fasts for mentally ill patients. As might be expected, the main problem is how to maintain these recoveries once the fast is over. Many people are likely to consume foods to which they are allergic, once they start eating again. I have observed spectacular changes in some people with severe mental problems when the foods to which they are allergic have been eliminated.
Emotional and behavioral problems caused by food allergies may manifest in many areas of our lives. It is now well recognized that hypreactivity, delinquency, and other behavioral problemsYou May have Hidden Allergies in children are often due to allergies to foods and food additives. Everyday emotional conflicts may also have an allergic basis. A number of marriage counselors are now paying attention to the diet of their clients as an important key to resolving their relationship problems.
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What You Can do.

Do you have a problem for which no one has been able to help you? Perhaps your symptoms have been dismissed as “genetic” or “something you will have to learn to live with.” If you suspect that unidentified allergies may underline your problems, you will need to find a health professional who understands allergy. They must also use techniques which permit the identification of hidden allergies.
In a subsequent article, I will describe sensitive, new, energy techniques, using muscle testing, which are now being used to identify allergies. These new techniques allow us not only to identify allergies but to determine precise ways to eliminate them. Incidently, these techniques have led to the discovery of at least 14 different ways people can react to foods, which are not allergic reactions.
Once the substances to which a person is allergic have been identified, I set up a complete, multi-faceted program to take care of the allergies. This program includes complete elimination of all allergic substances from the diet; systemic cleansers to remove the mucus, eliminate toxins, and promote absorption of nutrients. You May Have Hidden AllergiesSupplements may be needed to provide the body with the materials it needs to repair itself; and an adequate diet. On such a program, the body becomes healthier, and the allergies are eliminated.
Simply because you have been told there is nothing wrong with you, it does not mean there really is nothing wrong! Also, if the treatment you are getting does not help, it does not mean there is no possible treatment. There is a solution for many supposedly “untreatable” or “nonexistent” problems. The answer often lies in the identification and correction of hidden allergies.

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