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By Jimmy Scott, Ph.D.
As published in Health Freedom News, November 1985

How Muscle Testing Is Done

How can this incredibly sensitive instrument, the human body, be used to detect allergies, or disturbances in the body's energy field? The body's meridian energy is somehow connected to the muscles of the body. If you are exposed to the energy field of a substance to which you are allergic, it disturbs your energy flow. This energy disturbance is manifested in the form of a weakened muscle.
Before doing muscle testing, I carefully energy balance all the muscles by massaging or touching certain energy reflex points that affect the meridian energy. This ensures I am testing the person's reaction to only theMuscle Testing For Allergies substance in question. I then expose the person to the suspected substance — say, coffee beans — and test the reaction of the previously balanced arm muscle. If the person is sensitive to the coffee beans, they will not be able to hold the arm rigid against the slight pressure I exert. The arm will simply give way. The effect in practice is quite dramatic. If the person's arm gives way on exposure to coffee beans, and if the coffee beans are then removed, the arm will test strong again.
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Applied Kinesiology and Touch for Health

Muscle testing was first developed in the early 1960s by Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor. He called this new system Applied Kinesiology. Today lay-people as Muscle Testing For Allergies, Part 2well as health professionals can learn some of the techniques for balancing and testing  the body's energy through classes in Touch for Health. This system was established in the early l970s by Dr. John Thie, another chiropractor. More than one million people, in at least 40 countries, have now learned this technique.
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Health Kinesiology™ / BioEnergetic Physiology™

These muscle testing techniques, along with the methods I have developed myself, have all been incorporated into a comprehensive health care system Health Kinesiology™ /  BioEnergetic Physiology™. This system comprises methods for discovering and correcting energy disturbances from all currently known sources. These sources are not only from allergy and intolerance, but also emotional and psychological factors, and other environmental influences.
While many health professionals today use muscle testing, they may not be aware of the special procedures required for preciseHK Logo allergy, nutritional, and psychological/emotional work. Qualified health practitioners can now receive training in Health Kinesiology™ / BioEnergetic Physiology™. To find a local practitioner visit www.subtlenergy.com
Muscle testing is an extremely sensitive technique for identifying the substances to which a person is allergic. For example, through these methods I have found that many people are allergic to pollens Bee and Pollens— yet, many health-conscious people regularly eat bee pollen. Yet they wonder why they never feel up to par! Muscle testing can show that spring water is preferable to distilled water. (The heat of distilling water affects its energy quality). Thus, using muscle testing we are able to demonstrate that many foods and other substances that you may have thought were harmless or beneficial, are actually not good for you.
Besides the foods and chemicals that disturb your body's energy, muscle testing can identify the psychological and emotional factors that are unbalancing your energy and interfering with normal function. Muscle testing techniques also can distinguish allergy from intolerance, and can determine what the specific tolerance level is for a given food.

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